Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2012

1.  Non traditional wood cabinetry Cherry and maple are on the way out and non-traditional choices are becoming hot this year.  To stay on trend, choose a “lesser-used” wood like oak, walnut, birch, bamboo or alder. 2. Darker natural cabinets are preferred by designers or Stick with Painted White Natural cabinetry is slowly falling out [...]

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Real Estate Investing 101: A Self-Directed IRA Explained

A growing number of real estate investors are using a self-directed IRA to finance their property purchases nowadays. That’s because a self-directed IRA can provide them with the opportunity to buy real estate and earn rental income without paying early distribution fees. The Investment Company Institute – the national association of U.S. investment companies, estimates [...]

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Newly Renovated Homes in King County Getting Multiple Offers Due to Low Inventory

“Buyers are screaming for more inventory and they’re being more aggressive with presenting offers on homes,” reported MLS director George Moorhead in Bothell.  “Home shoppers perceive the bottom is nearing, he noted, “and both buyers and sellers want to catch the historically low interest rates.” “Close to the job centers, 45 percent of new listings [...]

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Investing 101: Know Who Your Competition Is & Don’t Fall in Love with the Property

Last time, we covered two of the most important rules in the “10 Rules to Follow When Purchasing an Investment Property.”  The importance of sticking to your price  as well as knowing what your exit strategies are are crucial for turning a profit on your investment property. As with the previous Rules, these next two [...]

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Investing 101: Stick to your price & Exit Strategies

Yesterday,  we introduced you to some important investment strategies.  Now you understand the importance of knowing the value of the home and its comparables, as well as clearly understanding all of your financing carrying costs.  Both are crucial for turning a profit on your investment property. Just like the previous rules, these new rules should [...]

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Investing 101: Know the value and comparables & Understand all your carrying costs

This week we are going to explain some of our key rules for investing in real estate and having the highest return on investment possible! Let’s get down to business If a property is purchased for $50K over its actual value, you have 50,000 steps to take before reaching the break-even point. Who wants to [...]

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Seattle Fix and Flip Property Makes Big Profits!

FIX AND FLIP PROPERTY PROFILE (2011)   Let’s take a look at one of our client’s fix and flip property success stories! We want to hear from you. What do you think of this flip? What do you love? What do you hate? Any renovation questions of your own? 2504 Pine Street/ Central District Loan Amount= $144,189 Exit [...]

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