Warren Buffett Says: BUY BUY BUY!!!

Warren Buffet says Buy Buy Buy! In February 2012, Warren Buffett was featured on CNBC live and asked what his opinion of the real estate market was. His response? “If I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes I would load up on them. It’s also interesting to note that Warren [...]

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The Best Exterior Paint Colors

THE BEST EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS The best-selling exterior paint color may be the one that enhances your home’s curb appeal without making it look like it should be sitting in a different neighborhood. There are many factors to consider when choosing an exterior paint color, especially when resale is your goal. An article published by [...]

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Real Estate Rehab Tips: The Perfect Shade of White

The Right White Five paint companies divulge their best-selling white colors.  When flipping a home, there are many times when a neutral such as a light tan or a white is the best choice for the home because it creates a blank slate for future home buyers. Choosing the perfect shade of white is an [...]

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Still Believe Your 401k is the Main Path For Wealthy Retirement? Think Again.

Still Believe Your 401k is the Main Path For Wealthy Retirement? Think Again. Let us share a little secret. Your 401K/IRA is virtually guaranteed to let you down when it comes to the income on which you’re relying for retirement. You’ve been led down a path where you’ve read that the 401k is enough. Ironically, these [...]

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Now is the time to diversify your investing with a cash flow property- here’s why.

Diversify your investing. While you are waiting for you next flip property, now is the time to purchase rental properties and build long term wealth. The rental market is on an upswing. As reported in The Seattle Times, rents are increasing because the foreclosure crisis has created a steady supply of renters in recent years, [...]

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King County is one of the top counties in the nation for high school public school education- SEE RANKINGS!

Everyone knows the housing market is so intricately tied to the quality of the public education in a county. US News has released the Best High Schools in the USA and I am proud to report that 16 High Schools received medal awards and were at the top of the rankings! This is great news [...]

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