Modern Flipping

Modern Flipping Every time we acquire a wholesale property, we have to make crucial decisions about the rehabilitation plans that can significantly affect the resale of the property.  More than ever, we are investing in homes at higher price points and it's necessary for us to strategically rehab the property so that the finishes, appliances [...]

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Shortage of homes = bidding wars

The newest problem for the slowly improving housing market isn’t a shortage of serious buyers, it’s a shortage of good homes. Would-be buyers are packing… Would-be buyers are packing open houses and scrambling to make offers on properties before they are even listed. Bidding wars are erupting. And real-estate agents are vying fiercely to represent [...]

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Bye Bye McMansions.. Hello Bungalows!

Bye bye McMansions.. Hello modest mid-century Bungalow… Research has shown that small houses are now “in” and the trend is expected to continue for at least a few years. It was bound to happen due to the downturn in the economy. More people have experienced unemployment or financial losses over the past few years and [...]

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Featured Neighborhood of the Week: Laurelhurst

The upscale residential neighborhood of Laurelhurst was established in 1910 and is located adjacent to Lake Washington. It boasts a landmark community center, the Laurelhurst Beach Club, a fantastic elementary school and close access to the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital. Bill Gates grew up in this neighborhood and lived in a waterfront [...]

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