Home Maintenance: Natural Pest Control

Forget nasty chemicals, here are 10 natural ways to eliminate pests: 1. Ants Save your leftover coffee grounds: spread them around windows and doors where ants come in. Also use vinegar: make a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water to wipe down countertops and other surfaces; repeat several times a day to destroy the scent [...]

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Revamp your bathroom: tips and tricks for cheap!

Summer has arrived (finally!), bringing with it celebrations, family visits, barbeques … basically a constant stream of guests into your home. Is your house ready? Most importantly, is your guest bathroom ready? As much as you might want to think it is, it may be time for a little spruce. Here are some tips for [...]

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June Update: Market Remains Competitive for Buyers

With the current market conditions, what with rising mortgage rates and decreasing unemployment, more and more buyers are entering into what is already an “extremely competitive housing market” (OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Real Estate Company). Jacobi noted that interest rates for 2013 reached a new high around mid-June, resulting from an improving U.S. economy. [...]

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