“What are some ‘deal killers’?” – Margot of Kirkland, WA

For me, power lines, I won’t buy properties directly on power lines or directly on freeways. I feel they’re very hard to sell and it’s very difficult to determine what the price is on these types of properties. Additionally, properties with persistent water issues (high water tables) pose significant and recurring problems. Typically the condition of the house on the property is never a ‘deal killer’, as there’s never anything too destroyed that we can’t do something with if the price is right. We can either remodel it or if it’s beyond repair we tear it down and build something new, but we can’t move the power lines, the freeway, or major intersections. Also, neighborhoods that have a significant amount of crime, drug dealers, or properties where the neighbor’s house looks like an absolute junkyard qualify as ‘deal killers’.