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Megan Halter

Listing Broker

“Megan Halter’s remarkable nine-year journey at Heaton Dainard showcases her deep expertise in managing complex real estate transactions with hundreds of successful closings. Her exceptional blend of professionalism and personalized care ensures every deal not only meets but exceeds client expectations, underlining the profound impact these decisions have on their lives. Megan’s unwavering dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has made her a trusted advisor for both investors and the direct consumer. Megan’s relentless pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction has solidified her role as a trusted advisor to both investors and end-users alike.

Specializing in investment properties and design-focused projects, Megan harnesses the transformative power of aesthetics to enhance property value and appeal. Her strategic, design-oriented approach enables clients to unlock the potential of their properties, elevating marketability and maximizing value. Megan’s keen design eye, combined with her adept understanding of the ever-evolving real estate market, positions her as a pivotal figure in both enhancing property potential and navigating transaction complexities.

Since joining Heaton Dainard in 2016, Megan has been integral to the firm’s continued success, contributing to its impressive portfolio of transactions totaling $XXX. Her tenure has been marked by a shared commitment to excellence, aligning with Heaton Dainard’s legacy of industry leadership and client-focused results since 2006. Megan’s experience at the firm has enriched her skill set, broadening her design expertise and fueling her passion for real estate, while offering her unique insights into market dynamics and investment strategies.

Megan Halter embodies the ideal real estate professional: knowledgeable, creative, and deeply committed to her clients’ success. Her synthesis of design acumen and market intelligence, combined with a personalized approach to client relationships, ensures a distinctive and rewarding real estate journey. As a beacon of professionalism and innovation, Megan guides her clients toward achieving their real estate goals with unparalleled expertise and a steadfast dedication to their aspirations.”

“Allow me to introduce Victoria, a distinguished real estate professional with a decade-long track record in the industry. With a robust portfolio of over hundreds of listed homes, Victoria has established herself as a trusted advisor and expert in the field. Not only does she possess a keen eye for design, but she also brings hands-on experience as a successful home flipper, personally managing projects from start to finish. Victoria’s role as a project manager for her own flips has honed her skills in budgeting, renovation, and market analysis, further enhancing her ability to deliver exceptional results for her clients. Renowned for her integrity, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Victoria is dedicated to achieving unparalleled success in every real estate endeavor.

Beyond her thriving career in real estate, Victoria leads a vibrant and fulfilling personal life. In her free time, she finds joy in an array of activities that nurture her passion for life and adventure. Whether she’s experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, delighting friends and family with her baking creations, or enjoying the tranquility of paddleboarding on serene waters, Victoria embraces each moment with enthusiasm and zest. An aspiring cyclist and tennis enthusiast, she savors the exhilarating rush of exploring scenic routes or engaging in friendly matches on the court. Most importantly, Victoria cherishes the bond she shares with her son, spending quality time playing soccer together, creating lasting memories filled with laughter and joy. This balance of professional success and personal fulfillment exemplifies Victoria’s multifaceted approach to life, enriching her relationships and infusing every aspect of her endeavors with passion and positivity. Among her friends and family, Victoria is affectionately known as Vickie.”

“Growing up in the Seattle area in a construction family, I learned the ins and outs of the industry while I was still very young. Our family was involved in developing commercial and residential real estate in the Seattle area, and in a nearly automatic way, I took in everything that I could, watching my family hard at work and valuing the projects in which they took great pride. From building the Columbia Tower in Seattle, to small single-family homes in the surrounding area, I understand that there is always an emotional layer to every job, and I show that layer the proper respect.
After joining the Listing Broker team at Heaton Dainard, my responsibilities have evolved into something so much more than I ever could have imagined. Each project leaves a lasting impression upon me. Diving into my passion of designing, negotiating for my clients has not only become my job, but my passion.
Something fun about myself: I literally do my job for fun”

As a third generation real estate broker and Washington resident for most of her life, Katie has absorbed years of real estate experience from a young age. Since starting her career in 1999, she has successfully sold hundreds of homes ranging from starter-homes to luxury estates. Katie’s expansive market knowledge and expertise in rehab and construction gives her a sharp edge in this competitive market. Katie’s professional approach and proven ability to exceed her client’s expectations has created lifetime relationships with repeat clients and their referrals.