The Heaton Dainard Selling Guide

A step-by-step guide for selling your home

Make sure to check all the details before starting.

Selling your home can feel overwhelming and emotional.  Our team has guided thousands of sellers through the process of selling a home.  With over 2,500 transactions under our belts, you can trust us to work with your best interest in mind.

Prep Your Home

Your broker will help you determine what needs to be fixed or updated on your home prior to selling. Our background in design provides inside knowledge on updates that will provide the best return on investment.  This could include interior and exterior paint, cleaning up the garden, or staging the property. You broker will ensure that your home is making the right impression to the right buyers.

Determine Pricing

Correctly pricing your home is very important to selling your home as quickly as possible. Your broker will provide you with market analysis, comparable homes and prices, location, and a variety of other factors to ensure you are getting what your home is worth.

Marketing & Showings

At Heaton Dainard, we have a full-service team that specializes in marketing your property to the right buyers. Utilizing online and print marketing, our team will get your listing in the hands of the correct buyers. Your broker will also schedule showings and highlight the selling points of your home to potential buyers.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

When a buyer makes an offer and you have accepted, you will have entered a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This document will outline the specifics of the transaction and both parties will sign the document.


After both parties have mutual acceptance on the property, it will then undergo inspection. An inspector will go over the home and will check items such as the roof, plumbing, electrical, structure, and more. Once this is complete, the buyer will have the opportunity to negotiate with you to cover any cost of repairs or ask for concessions.


In order to get the best deal, negotiation is essential. Negotiations can involve anything from concessions to settling on a final sales price. Your broker is there to represent your best interests during this process and will guide and lead you through negotiations.