If you’re preparing for that big move, check out these tips to help the process run smoothly:


When going through your belongings, ask yourself these questions: “Do I love it? Do I use it? Do I need it?” If you say no to more than one of the questions per item, then you should toss, sell, or donate it. Consider setting up a garage sale of all these items – they could even help pay for some of the packing expenses! After you’ve sifted through your items, you may want to look into a storage unit. Leave only the belongings that benefit the staging of your home, and store the rest. However, this should only be a short-term solution. If you don’t plan on using the item in your new home, then don’t bother paying to store it.


Start in one room at a time, and label the boxes to indicate contents and the room where it will go. For items that you will need right away in your new home, put them in a separate box and label it “Open First”. These items could include towels, toilet paper, and a few cooking utensils. You can also pair each room to a color, labeling living room boxes with purple tape, and kitchen supplies with blue tape. If you are extra-particular about where things should go, try tracking every item in a spreadsheet or document, numbering each box as you go along.


Before the move, use up all your foods that won’t travel well. These include canned foods, frozen items, perishable fruits, and many other refrigerated items. Buy only what is necessary before the move: items that will for sure get used up.


If you’re selling your home, make sure to document the condition it is in before the moving crew shows up. Take photos, videos, and keep a list of everything you notice. Any damage to walls, fixtures, or flooring can easily derail a buyer during a final walk-through. Be prepared to talk about what caused the damage that that there are no surprises or added expenses.


Hang onto all passports, medications, checkbooks, and files that may be critical or important. These items should be kept separate from your everyday belongings. Keep them with you and personally deliver them to your new home.

Moving can, yes, be a tiresome and extremely stressful experience. Stock up on supplies before you actually start the packing process to make it easier. Get boxes, permanent markers, packing tape (a lot of it), and wrapping paper for fragile items. Think about renting out a dolly or cart of some type. Prepare in advance and you can save yourself a huge amount of stress later on.