A new year signifies new design trends for the real estate world. As 2016 begins, we have taken a look at which trends are on their way out from the past year and which styles will be taking over the interiors of our homes.

Outside is in.
As movements towards environmentalism and sustainability grow, we are learning the importance of green spaces for the sake of modern design. An easy way to create this transition is through area rugs made of natural fibers in neutral hues. Incorporate nature (such as twigs in vases) in your design plans to bring the outdoors in!

Unique accent pieces.
Souvenirs, artisan pieces, and flea market finds will be accented, complementing the natural emphasis this year is taking, and allowing the homeowner to tell a story. Tapestries and antiques will also be utilized in design, in order to create a nostalgic feel. Hand-made items will show up in more commercialized locations to accommodate this demand for unique displays.

Minerals on display.
Natural minerals and unpolished stones will make their way into home displays this year. A great way to achieve this look is with large chunks of quartz.

Mid-century modernism is back.
This style emphasizes the importance of mixing materials throughout pieces in your home, while maintaining clean lines. Although the clean lines are necessary to achieve this look, that doesn’t mean that your furniture has to be ordinary. Designers suspect that uniquely shaped pieces in exotic materials will be making an appearance.

Go geometric.
Art deco is making a comeback! To emphasize fluid movement, geometric patterns and 3D tiles will make more of an appearance in designs. By using cement and wood to achieve this flow, you will be adding dimension, beauty, and amazing detail. Scandinavian flat weaved rugs are another way to implement this look throughout your home, as they create a geometric design. Look out for this style’s honeycomb shapes and geometric patterns to cover everything from wallpaper to artwork.

Encaustic tiles.
In order to create a natural focal point throughout backsplashes, bathroom tile, fireplace mantles, and accent walls, intricately patterned tiles will make an appearance this year. Encaustic tiles achieve their color through the use of different types of clay, rather than a glaze.

Reclaimed lumber.
This trend adds character and personality to each room, while providing the home owner with an eco-friendly option.

Brass fixtures.
Worn brass finish will be taking over lighting fixtures and hardware. This will add a unique style to contemporary fixtures and provide an eclectic-feel.

Black metals.
As outside is now being emphasized inside the home, black metal will make its way into tables, simple hardware, and flatware. Mixing metallics with metals will provide another way to incorporate this trend throughout your home.

Designs to Ditch

Trends that represent basic principles of design make it from year to year, but these experiments reflecting our society’s mood in 2015 don’t quite make the cut.

Pieces that make your home feel like a garage and feature sharp lines and hard edges will soon be a thing of the past. Clunky furniture has no place in 2016!

Rosy metallics.
Copper and rose-gold metals may create a cheap look in 2016. Copper should be used in pots, while rose-gold is better in jewelry; not large interior pieces.