nvesting in real estate can be tricky when it comes to interior design trends.  You want to find a balance between modern and timeless. Sometimes trends come full circle, but home buyers don’t have 40 years to wait for their popcorn ceilings and shag carpets to make a comeback.  Follow our tips below for making your investment property fit the 2018 trends and ready for 2019 fads.


As an investor you want your property to be up to date without giving it a permanent timestamp.  This means finding the design that buyers can envision themselves personalizing without too much effort. Buyers look at features like the ceilings and floors, as the hardest to change.  Try to choose colors and textures that are versatile and widely accepted.  For example, when choosing a carpet, lighter carpets are always a safe bet.  Homeowners can easily add a colorful rug to a cream carpet, whereas a red carpet is much harder to adapt.

Natural wood tones bring warmth and light to homes, something buyers are looking for following 2018 trends.
Light grey carpet is a 2018 staple, it brightens the room and provides a blank palate to accessorize with decorative rugs.

Lighter the better isn’t limited to carpet, hardwoods are also seeing a shift in warmer natural and neutral light tones.  Hardwood flooring trends are important to keep in mind, as it can be a major selling point in a home.  Potential buyers see hardwood floors as a major hassle to change so if they find a house they love, but the floor isn’t what they want, they are less likely to buy the home.

The kitchen, living room, and bathroom are the most influential rooms of the home that buyers will take into consideration.   If the budget starts to look tight and you can’t decide which areas to focus on, it is always wise put more work into the most visible and used areas of the home.


Quartz countertops come in all shapes and colors. 2018 must-have as an updated version of the ever-popular Granite.

Quartz countertops are top of the trends list because of their adaptability.  Quartz is like granite in its durability, however, it’s semi-manmade, making it more malleable, customizable, and preferable.  Unlike granite, it comes in a variety of colors, without the stress of finding a specific pattern and shape that fits; it doesn’t require resealing and it’s resistant to acid and oil stains.


The latest trend for interior paint colors features bold statement walls, and rich dark colors.  When trying to sell, these colors make it really hard to appeal to multiple buyers.  With the new trends in mind, think about painting your property plainly, so buyers can look at the potential of the home like a blank canvas-and it’s easier for them to envision color palates and preferences on statement walls.

White walls are a blank canvas for home buyers, making it easier to them to envision their own personal touches.
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