As we begin to turn the corner on the first quarter of 2019, design trends are evolving from projections, into reality.   The days of all-white kitchens and light open airy interiors are starting to fade into the past with trends beginning to shift in the opposite direction. One of the more stylistic and creative adaptations involves rethinking the idea of an open floor plan.


In the past ten years, buyers have been looking for wide open spaces in their homes, opting for a great room concept. With shifting trends into 2019, buyers are starting to lean towards a blend of separated spaces and open floor plans.  The challenge to incorporate a separation without closing off a room is manifesting in unique design attributes that provide visual interest as well as giving the space a dedicated purpose.

2019 Design Trends: Rethinking The Open Floor Plan
Sliding glass doors allow natural light to filter throughout the home if the doors are closed, creating privacy without a disconnected feel.

The pseudo-modern look is starting to creep into all design patterns with glass divisions framed by thin exposed metals or painted wood trim.  Glass allows light to filter into the space while also providing insulation from noise without making the room feel closed off or too separated from the rest of the home.  Thin metal trim adds a dynamic design to the space without the dramatic exposed beams and minimalist industrial feel that is a staple with modern design.

2019 Design Trends: Rethinking The Open Floor Plan
The wooden partition adds an interesting element of design to an open space, without completely separating the room, and allowing natural light to flow throughout the space.


As investors, designing floor plans that stay on trend and in budget are important to appealing to the largest number of buyers.  While modern exposed metal and glass divisions are hot right now, not all buyers are looking for a home that is up to 2019 design standards.  However, buyers collectively are moving towards the partial separation of floor plans while maintaining an open feel.  Investors can look at altering floor plans in a way that appeals to a larger demographic by incorporating subtle hints of modern design with a classic twist.

2019 Design Trends: Rethinking The Open Floor Plan
Thin metal rods create a visual aesthetic that separate the entryway as a dedicated space, while creating a dynamic visual asset and maintaining an open flow. A slight twist on a classic style, adding modern design elements without losing the integrity of the original design.

Moving forward in 2019, the most important thing for investors is to design the home to appeal to modern buyers who want all elements of style and classic design. Adding trendy 2019 elements in subtle ways will create a tasteful balance that buyers will love.

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