One of the largest shifts in design for 2019 comes in the form of kitchen palettes.  The classic all-white kitchen is starting to shift now to a drastically contrasting black and white “tuxedo” kitchen.  The new wave of color brings a dynamic element to the kitchen and highlights aspects of the design that can get washed out in an all-white design.  Parents are also celebrating a return to darker kitchen accents, as black hides day to day wear much better than white.


As we transition into strict tuxedo kitchen looks, we will likely see a slow shift with mixed cabinetry and counter-tops.  Notice in the example above, the outer cabinets are black, while the center island brings contrast and brightens the room with white cabinets and a wood counter-top.  The contrasting cabinetry further creates a separation with the two accenting cabinet handles.  The white center piece features dark, cabinet pulls, while the black cabinets are accented with brass knobs and cabinet pulls.  This further adds dimension and custom look and feel to the dark cabinetry.  Additionally, the minute differences provide dynamic changes that attract your eye in opposing directions, making the space look larger.


An additional point of contrast adds an opportunity to add personal style with the open white shelves, situated next to closed black upper cabinets.  The open shelving adds storage space without covering the white back-splash, keeping the kitchen light and bright despite having black accents and cabinetry.


A common misconception with black paint is that it will make a room feel dark and closed off.  When designed correctly, dark cabinetry can have the opposite effect.  All-white kitchens bring a sense of cleanliness with a bright crisp feel; however, they show much more dirt and wear.  Black cabinetry highlights the white and bright colors in the kitchen, giving the space bright pops of color that illuminate the space, while hiding unsavory marks of wear and tear.  As we see these kitchens become more popular, you’ll notice more open shelving to set against light and bright backslashes.  This keeps the black cabinets from taking over the upper portion of the kitchen, and draws your eye upwards, creating a bright and open space. You will also start to see mix and match of light and dark cabinets, with uppers staying traditionally white and bright, reflecting more light.


Looking ahead in 2019, the Tuxedo kitchen will manifest in a variety of ways as buyers look at dynamic counter-top options such as light grain woods. Create two opposing colors such as deep blacks and stark whites creates opportunities for mid-tone counters. In the example above, the light grain wood counter-top provides a gradient in color scheme that adds warmth and light to a trendy kitchen palate.

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