As we delve into the design trends of 2019, we’re seeing a resurgence of colors and textures with an emphasis on style elements that add dimension to a room. In 2018 wood vanities were catching steam, but 2019 is bringing about a new movement for repurposed wood and highlighting natural elements of building materials.


The natural wood color and wood grain in this vanity serve as the interesting point of contrast in an all-white bathroom.

Buyers are becoming more environmentally conscious, particularly in the Pacific Northwest where buyers appreciate a design style that reflects the local area. Adding in natural wood grains bring natural design elements and warmth into stark white rooms and plain color palettes. The natural wood grain serves as a point of interest without adding in wall-hangings, or too much counter-clutter. In an area with a rich history in logging and known for our abundance of Evergreen trees, adding some of these warmer naturals also give buyers a feeling that their home is unique to a specific area. While it might be a red brick Tudor home on the outside, adding a live edge table in the kitchen, will tie together natural wood vanities and bring subtle Northwest style.


The natural wood grain with a modern color finish adds a point of interest without detracting from the modern elements of this bathroom.

Buyers want homes that are simple and clean without feeling sterile and cold. Modern homes that can appear boxy and plain can add slight natural elements that add warmth without changing the overall aesthetic of the home. In the example above, the gray woodgrain compliments the modern gray slate floors, while providing an interesting accent to white counter-tops, tile, and white walls. Additionally, the neutral color scheme adds just the right amount of interest that it isn’t overbearing, and plain enough to any decorative color scheme. This is another subtle way to incorporate Pacific Northwest style in a way that fits with your design project. At first glance, this bathroom has all the appearances of a modern home. From the color palette to the modern floors. The neutral wood-grain vanity will appeal to buyers on different levels. Some buyers will look at the space as a whole and notice that it fits the overall modern aesthetic, while other buyers will notice the natural incorporation immediately.




The key to staying on design trends is finding ways to incorporate fad design trends in a timeless style. In this example, the wood grain vanity serves as a compliment to the tile floor, which acts as the statement piece in the room. The neutral color of the vanity paired with the subtle grain pattern acts as a bridge tying together the plain walls to the intricate tile pattern. Additionally, the softer grain color takes some of the harsh contrast between the black and white and allows designers to incorporate other elements, such as the bronze handle pulls, and silver light fixtures.

Natural wood colors also provide a buffer for bright colors, acting as the neutralizing element of the room tying together vivid colors and patterns. When designing a home, or upgrading for modern touches, it’s important to be mindful of the different ways that potential buyers will view each room. Some buyers will notice specific design elements as individual pieces, and some buyers will immediately take-in the overall feel of the room. When designing and upgrading a home, it’s important to put careful detail and care to ensure that either way of viewing a particular space will leave a positive impression on the buyer. The smaller details are the aspects of design that will separate how buyers view a room. Details such as wood vanities can function as a statement piece or a complementary functional feature. How you choose to incorporate and design these elements can have a large effect on the overall look and feel of a house.

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