Stylish outdoor home decorating color schemes and patio ideas help turn backyards into beautiful retreats. Here are five outdoor home decorating color schemes and patio ideas inspired by natural landscapes, exotic fruits and elegant classic style.

caribbean beach


The Caribbean Beach patio ideas bring bright sky-blue and rich blue color shades.

Ocher, olive and mint green colors, sage, pearl pink and chocolate brown color shades create cheerful and care-free home decorating color schemes for your outdoor rooms.


The North Sea decorating theme blends cozy patio ideas with a cool and fresh decorating color scheme.

For those who prefer calming and elegant color combinations, this gray and blue color palette, softened with mustard and pastel brown colors, offers beautiful patio ideas, inspired by the gracious elegance of the North.

North Sea
Calm Zen


The Calm Zen decorating theme is inspired by the nature and combines muted colors that appear at dusk with lilac tones of gorgeous sunsets.

This calming home decorating color scheme creates a natural and relaxing atmosphere for achieving peace of mind and stress free lifestyle. Comfortable and elegant, simple and natural patio ideas and calming color combinations are excellent for reconnecting with the nature and creating outdoor rooms in eco style.


The Exotic Fruits decorating theme is inspired by juicy oranges, papaya, mango, kiwi and many other different fruits and tropical flowers that symbolize sunny destinations and care-free vacations.

Fruits and flowers inspire bright and rich orange colors. Combined with green colors, they create bold and cheerful color scheme for outdoor home decorating in summer. Bright orange color accents perfectly accentuate optimistic and fun summer decorating ideas, offering joyful and energetic patio ideas.

Exotic Fruits
Italian Classic


The Italian classic decorating color scheme looks elegant, sophisticated and beautiful. This outdoor home decorating color scheme is perfect for patio ideas in classic or vintage style.

Elegant and universally appealing, rich green and gray color shades, combined with deep blue color accents, dark brown colors and black, bring a classy retro feel into modern home decorating. Lush greenery adds a fresh look to calming, pleasant and versatile gray color tones, and rich blue color can give a modern touch and personality to patio ideas.