If your house is looking a bit drab and a remodel isn’t in the budget, give your yard a few new accessories for a wallet-friendly spruce up. Nothing brightens the day like a little bit of color, especially after those long dark winter months. Check out our article below for some of our favorite and easiest spring and summer flower recommendations.




Loves the spring sunshine, best known for two full months of vibrant spring colors.  Not only does it spruce up your yard, Primulas are also an indoor favorite for fresh rejuvenating floral scents



Add some fire to your garden with shades of red, orange and yellow. Native to South Africa, this plant loves the shade and is a pro at regulating water.  Make sure to find a protected spot with indirect sun exposure and this plant will love you back with some faint floral aromas.



PNW staple and it’s no secret why, a hardy plant, Tulips fare well in the weather and adds bright splashes of color to your garden.  Make sure it has plenty of direct sunlight and you’re almost guaranteed a success.




Don’t discount the gladiola just because it’s your grandma’s favorite flower.  Gladiolas are making a comeback in a big way, and it’s easy to see why.  Start planting these bulbs at the end of May for color throughout the summer to the start of fall.  Not only do they brighten up the yard, Gladiolas look great as a cheery centerpiece, for color inside and out!



Timeless favorite and perfect complement to Gladiolas.  Calla Lilies are a staple in summer weddings, but they can also be an easy staple in your garden.  Don’t be distracted by the classic white, Calla Lilies grow in a variety of perky spring oranges and pinks.  Calla Lilies are the perfect flower bridge to fall, continue to plant darker maroon tones for a floral bridge into rich fall tones.



We love Dahlias just because there are so many of them, there’s something for everyone in the Dahlia family.  Originally from the highlands of Central America, dahlias are highly adaptive plants that can take on the wind and rain of the PNW, making them the perfect hardy summer flower.  All shapes, sizes and colors, they are a guaranteed hit for your garden makeover!

Questions? Check out this guide from the Seattle PUD for more gardening tips and tricks!