The laundry room is one of the most necessary rooms in the home, yet not all rooms are set up to create an efficient work environment. Check out these easy tips to help turn your laundry room from a poorly planned space, into a breathable performance room.


In having adequate surface area for folding and sorting clothes, your life will certainly get easier. If you have sufficient floor space, consider creating an island in the center of the room, much like you would in a kitchen. It will add counter space and provide a multitude of storage options down below. If you do not have enough space for an island, consider adding a countertop over your side-by-side front loading washer and dryer. This makes use of awkward spaces and stores all your detergent and bleaches.


Replacing your old washer and dryer with new models can only make your life easier. It will help save on energy and water costs exponentially. Today’s machines offer both special, high-efficiency features for large-capacity washers and dryers, and power-foam and steam-cleaning options as well. Think about your laundry needs and whether a front-loader or top-loader will work better for you. Don’t overlook the option of having a stacked pair as well – it is an easy way to open up floor space.


Investigate ways to add a utility sink in your laundry room if possible. They do not cost as much as you think, and the convenience is completely worth it. You can use it to hand wash delicate clothing, and clean up any messes easily. If you already have plumbing lines, the installation is even easier, and you can probably do it yourself!


Stock cabinets are inexpensive and can be installed easily. Consider adding both base and wall-mounted cabinets wherever possible in the room. Even if cabinets are not an option, there are hundreds of specially designed products for laundry room storage. Regardless of your laundry room’s size, there are always new ways to add storage options. This will clean up the clutter, and instantly give you more breathing room to get work done.