Heaton Dainard, Intrust Funding, LimeLite Development, and Buck Buys Houses had the tremendous opportunity to give back to our community today and make a difference. In collaboration with Attain Housing, we had the pleasure of helping families in need by doing some good ‘ol house and yard work. Our experience was incredibly rewarding and we absolutely look forward to working with AH again!

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“A safe and supportive community, wherein opportunity exists for all families to achieve stable housing and self?sufficiency.”

About Attain Housing

Attain Housing (formerly KITH) helps homeless and at-risk families with children in King County to become stable and self-sufficient. First, Attain Housing stabilizes families in 32 Attain Housing apartments and in units owned by others. Then, Attain Housing assists the families with services, including case management, which helps them make lasting life changes, leading to permanent housing. When you help Attain Housing, you help homeless families transform their lives, thereby strengthening our community.

To learn more, please visit http://www.attainhousing.org/