Heaton Dainard has a network of trusted property managers we can recommend that can:

List properties-
Many property management companies will photograph your home and handle all the marketing of the rental property for you!

Find and screen tenants-
Property management companies are experienced in finding qualified tenants and the screening process. Be sure to educate yourself on what kind of background and credit check your property manager will be conducting. A good property management company should do a full credit, background and reference check of an applying tenant.

Maintain property-
A property management company will help to ensure the property is well maintained. As an owner, you should request annual property audits/inspections to ensure the quality of the home and surrounding property. Property managers know the proper paperwork and legal forms for home inspections.

Collect rent-
Property management companies will collect and disburse rent according the tenant/landlord laws.

Assist with legal issues-
Property management companies are experienced in a variety of legal issues and emergency situations that arise with rental properties.

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