Multifamily Webinar | Real Estate at Work

Our two speakers, James Dainard and Logan D. Freeman have collectively sourced and transacted over $300 million in real estate transactions. We will dive deep into creating value add opportunities in multi-family and the art to sourcing deals off-market. Speakers: Logan D Freeman: Logan Freeman, is a real estate investor, developer, and agent [...]

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How A Broker Evaluates Deals: Joe Fairless Podcast

Co-founder of Heaton Dainard, James Dainard, was recently featured on The Best Ever Show, a podcast with host Joe Fairless. On the show, James and Joe discuss how to evaluate the profitability of a deal, some strategies on how to navigate permit and construction issues, and James details some personal experiences he has had [...]

James Dainard on Bigger Pockets Podcast

Last week James Dainard, co-founder and managing partner of Heaton Dainard joined the team of the Bigger Pockets podcast to talk about his investing strategies, how he fell in love with real estate, and the keys to his success on episode #338: From Red Robin Waiter to 250 Units (Using the MLS!) with James [...]

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