First Time Home Buyer Class

Sponsored by: Heaton Dainard Real Estate, Washington State Housing Finance Commission & Mike Guild from Caliber Home Loans

First Time Home Buyer Washington State

For both first time private home owners and first time investors. What we’ll cover:

  • Steps to Homeownership
  • Your Priorities
  • Selecting a Real Estate Professional and Lender
  • Budgeting
  • Credit
  • Case Studies

  • Pre-Approval/Pre-Qualification/Underwriting

  • The Importance of a Home Inspection
  • Home Advantage Program
  • Loan Closing
  • Foreclosure Prevention and Early Delinquency Intervention
  • Home Maintenance
  • Consumer Protection Resources
  • Community Resources for Further Counseling or Other Assistance
  • Fair Housing
  • Predatory Lending
  • How Going Green Saves You Money

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The 1st & 3rd Saturday of Every Month

For First Time Home Buyers

You should be educated before you decide on a purchase this big. The class covers everything from getting a mortgage to closing documents and is a great place to start if you’re just beginning the information-gathering phase of home-buying.

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First Time Homebuyer Tips

Helpful Links

Click on a link below to discover online resources for first time home buyers.

Buying a House Can Reduce Your Costs

House hacking has taken off and for good reason. Buying a house and reducing the amount you’re paying for your mortgage by taking on roommates is an attractive option to many first-time buyers. If you’re paying market rent, it’s very likely that you could drastically reduce your housing costs by owning your own home.

Down Payment Assistance Is Available

With rents and student debt both on the rise it’s become increasingly difficult for people to purchase their first home. There’s a common misconception that you need 20% for a down payment when in reality there are programs to help you purchase a house for no money down. FHA loans allow you to purchase a property with 3.5% down and with down payment assistance you can get up to 4% from the state to help you with your purchase.

Stop Wasting Money on Rent

By renting from someone else, you’re effectively paying their mortgage and building their equity. After a year of renting you have nothing to show for your hard-earned money. Take that same money and give it back to yourself by buying your own home, condo, duplex, anything!

For First Time Investors

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Investor 101 Course

For First Time Investors

From finding a hard money lender to acquiring your first investment property, we will help you build your investment portfolio from square one. For more information, check out our investor-specific class: Investor 101.

Investor 101 Course