Steps To Buying A Home

After you have made the decision to invest in a house, there are a few more steps to follow before you find your dream property to make your home.  Once you have established your budget, your wants and needs, developed a plan, and started browsing; it’s time to work with one of our highly qualified brokers who will guide you through the steps below to turn a house into your new home.

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Before you find your dream home, it is important to be pre-approved for a loan. Pre-approval will help you determine your final budget, as well as help speed up the process once you do find the home you are searching for. Our brokers can recommend experienced and knowledgable lenders to make the process as smooth as possible.

Find Your Home

Once you decide to work with Heaton Dainard, your broker will help you determine your wants and needs, non-negotiables, location preferences, and final budget.  Your designated broker will help you search for the home that fits your criteria and arrange appointments for you to view homes. Our team will also assess the long-term resale value of each home you are considering to give you the most accurate long-term resale estimates as well as current valuations.

Make An Offer

Once you have found a property that fits your buying criteria, your broker will work with you make an offer. Our team of brokers will work to represent your interests while presenting the seller with an attractive offer on your behalf. Often, the seller will respond with a counter-offer which may include contingency clauses and deadlines. Your broker will work closely with you to ensure your interests are represented in further negoiations.

Secure Financing

Once you have a pending agreement, it is important that you go back to your chosen lender to finalize your mortgage. During this time, you will finalize your down payments, interest rates, payment schedule, and all othe related financial conditions associated with closing.

Close the Deal

Also known as escrow or settlement, this final step includes: getting a title search, the final wlak-through, and the settlement. If at anytime you don’t understand something in the process, as your broker. Your broker is the best resource for understanding all parts of the closing process.

Move In!

Congratulations! You are officially a home owner! It’s time to get the moving trucks booked and move into your new home!

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