How A Broker Evaluates Deals: Joe Fairless Podcast

Co-founder of Heaton Dainard, James Dainard, was recently featured on The Best Ever Show, a podcast with host Joe Fairless. On the show, James and Joe discuss how to evaluate the profitability of a deal, some strategies on how to navigate permit and construction issues, and James details some personal experiences he has had [...]

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Washington Ranked #1 State In The U.S.

However, the overall lowest score for our state was the #22 spot for Fiscal Stability.  Seattleites are known for grumbling about long commutes and consistent traffic. Despite the big city issues, Washington’s overall highest ranking spot was in infrastructure, where we came in #2 behind Oregon. Our road systems are not in the top 1% [...]

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How To Winterize Your Home

As the temperatures quickly begin to drop, your investment property needs to be prepared to weather the freezing temperatures. Without a consistent presence in the home, pipes tend to freeze, gutters can get clogged, tree branches can break, etc. Winter temperatures can cause costly damage that will set back your budget. Follow our guide below [...]

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Webinar Part 4: Q&A With James Dainard

Two weeks ago we had the last installment of our four-part Construction 101 webinar series. The final episode focused on change orders and going through a final punch list. In case you missed it, you can check out the webinar here.  We followed our normal format, with 30 minutes of information from James Dainard, and 30 minutes [...]

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Construction 101 Webinar: Follow-Up Q&A

Last Tuesday James Dainard hosted Part Two of our four-part webinar series, Construction 101: Setting Up Contracts, Negotiating Contractors and Timelines.  If you missed it, you can check out parts one and two here. The last 30 minutes of the webinar is dedicated to questions from our viewers.  We’ve chosen two questions from last week to answer [...]

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Construction 101: Webinar Part 1 Follow-Up

Two weeks ago we hosted our first webinar, Construction 101 where our co-founder, James Dainard, discussed what to look for in an initial walk through and how to budget your project.  In case you missed it, check out the full webinar here. After the 30 minute information session, we had a Q &A with James for our viewers to [...]

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What Your Broker SHOULD Do For You

As the market is normalizing and beginning to balance, having an experienced broker who knows how to work in a cooling market is paramount to success.  We’ve put together a general guide to understanding what a broker does and how to know if your broker is doing what they should for you. ACCURATE PRICING: One [...]

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What To Do With Illegal Dwelling Units

Our new project in Ballard has just begun, and we’re already running into a multitude of problems.  One of the first major setbacks in our project is three illegal dwelling units.  Many of our clients have also run into similar issues with their investments, and we’re going to take a minute and discuss some of [...]

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Staging Your Investment, Is it Worth the Price?

It can be expensive to stage a home, especially after a pricey renovation.  The market is hot right now and homes are selling faster than ever, so why is staging important? Staging does more than help the home sell faster, studies have shown for every $100 invested, there is an average return of $400.  A [...]

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