Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate Investing

I always think it’s interesting when people feel as though they are proficient residential real estate investors that they can then jump into investing in commercial real estate. I look at each of these as two completely different businesses. There are some similarities, but there are more differences than similarities. A significant factor to consider [...]

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Heaton Dainard Ranked in Puget Sound Business Journal’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies – 2015!

Bellevue, Wash. – Fast growth isn’t always easy. Sustaining that growth is a bigger challenge. We at Heaton Dainard are pleased and delighted to have ranked  in this year’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies as determined by the Puget Sound Business Journal! The official reception was held last night, July 16th  at The Golf Club at Newcastle. [...]

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Want to get started in real estate investing? Here’s how!

What is the best way to get into real estate investing? It would be a disservice to myself not to pitch my own company and say that if you’re new and you want to get into real estate investing, we offer a class at our office every other Monday. You can sign up for it [...]

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Off-Market Defined

“I’ve heard the term off-market before but I don’t quite understand what it means, can you explain what an off-market property is in further detail?” – Linda of Kirkland, WA Off-market is a term used for properties that are not publicly listed. Off market properties are not publicly available for purchase. Off-market properties are acquired [...]

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