Multifamily Property Investments in Washington State Move Forward in Wake of Coronavirus

News from Gov. Inslee Opens Doors Sooner than Expected for Commercial Real Estate Firms Including HeatonDainard in Seattle For Washington state multifamily residential property investors, news from the Gov. Jay Inslee’s office this week provides a plan for moving forward in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. For HeatonDainard Real Estate, a Seattle | Bellevue [...]

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Seattle Home Prices Increasing

Once more, and as expected, Seattle home prices increased towards the end of 2019, perhaps signaling that assumptions from local real estate analysts that the leveling we saw around September was a "new normal" were incorrect. To be fair, those analysts shouldn't be derided for those assumptions; nationally we were seeing a slow down, [...]

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Now is the Time to Buy and Hold

It's no secret that the housing market in Washington, and in the Greater Seattle area to be specific, is one of the hottest markets in the country. With inventory in November dropping to 1.58 months and pending sales on the rise, supply looks to remain low for the foreseeable future. But does that mean [...]

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Seattle Home Prices Increasing Slower Than Nation

Home prices continue to rise on a year-over-year basis for the second month in a row. We saw prices rise 1.7% compared to the same month last year . . . what's new, right? Well, what's new is that the Seattle metro growth is in fact significantly lagging behind home prices growth in the [...]

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Is This the Best Week to Buy a House?

As we are now officially in the fall season, the temperatures are cooling, and the perception is that the real estate market will be cooling as well. While it is true that as the summer months come to an end, and as the school year gets into full swing, unsold inventory tends to come [...]

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Pending in Two Days!

Tacoma is the hottest market in the nation right now, and this home is the perfect example. Just two days after it went live on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) this rambler remodel went pending with multiple offers. Numbers are showing a rapid increase in buyers looking to Tacoma for relief from the [...]

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Washington Ranked #1 State In The U.S.

However, the overall lowest score for our state was the #22 spot for Fiscal Stability.  Seattleites are known for grumbling about long commutes and consistent traffic. Despite the big city issues, Washington’s overall highest ranking spot was in infrastructure, where we came in #2 behind Oregon. Our road systems are not in the top 1% [...]

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Light Rail Creating New Investment Opportunities

Back in June, we wrote an article discussing light rail developments in Seattle. We’re back with updates on those developments and how they are affecting property values in Northgate, Ballard, and West Seattle. NORTHGATE DEVELOPMENTS Large updates are under construction at Northgate Mall – the final stop for the Northgate Light Rail Extension. The mall renovations will [...]

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Big Changes with Tacoma’s Tenant Protection Ordinance

The City of Tacoma has recently passed the Tacoma Tenant Protections Ordinance with adjustments that can have a huge impact on landlords and how they conduct their businesses moving forward.  The City of Tacoma encountered public outcry after the Tiki apartment complex in Tacoma was sold to a developer in April. The apartment complex was known as an affordable rental [...]

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Investor Spotlight: Leka Devatha

Each month we highlight one of the most successful investors in our Investor Spotlight article.  This week we talked to Leka Devatha about her investment property in Ballard, which was a huge success! Leka gave us a little insight on what the process of renovating was, and how she took the potential of the worn-down house [...]

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