Market Update: September 2019

School is back in session launching the end of the summer market craze that never quite materialized in the Puget Sound Region. In lieu of the market correction that lead us into 2019, many experts were reluctant to predict if a summer market uptick would send the Seattle market back into the frenzied state [...]

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2019 April Market Update

Coming out of March, the real estate market in Seattle was undoubtedly experiencing the spring uptick that is expected as we head into warmer months. Given the unexpected snow, and limited mobility, experts were hesitant to project what kind of spring market we would see in 2019. The most recent data released at the beginning [...]

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Seattle Is Upzoning: What That Means For Investors

Last week the Seattle City Counsel passed a new measure to rezone 27 neighborhoods across the city.  The new ordinance sparked debate from some but passed with an overall vote of 8-0, with one council member not in attendance.  Upzoning has been a hot debate for local residents, as some people fear it will lead to gentrification, [...]

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2018 Market Review: Digging Into the Numbers

On Thursday James Dainard hosted a 2018 Market Recap and Projections for the 2019 Market in the Seattle area. In case you missed it, you will find a link to a recording of the webinar here. Our team pulled statistics from Jan. 1st 2018 to Nov. 30th 2018 to demonstrate the transition from a peak [...]

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November Market Update

For the past three months the real estate market has been slowing down noticeably, sparking whispers of a bubble and a throwing some investors into turmoil.  As we head into November the Northwest Multiple Listing Service has released the monthly statistics, putting a definitive end to the prospects of a bubble and assuring buyers and sellers of [...]

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October Market Update

We keep hearing about a “market shift” and “balanced” or “normalized” real estate market.  What does that really mean for sellers in our current market? As we’ve seen recently, the market has shifted and is continuing to shift.  Part of this is caused by a normal seasonal break from elevated summer levels, and part of [...]

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