October Market Update

We keep hearing about a “market shift” and “balanced” or “normalized” real estate market.  What does that really mean for sellers in our current market? As we’ve seen recently, the market has shifted and is continuing to shift.  Part of this is caused by a normal seasonal break from elevated summer levels, and part of [...]

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Heaton Dainard Market Update

In recent weeks there has been a shift in the market as reported by the Seattle Times.   For the first time in three years buyers are starting to see signs of hope as we are transitioning into a balanced market.  This might look like bad news for sellers, but we’re seeing a normal trend in a [...]

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Light Rail Adding Value to Property Investment

As the Light Rail expansion continues, house prices are showing that proximity to stations is increasing home values. On the Eastside, houses are already showing jumps of value in anticipation of the upcoming stations. Meanwhile, houses next to the existing stations in Seattle, have already seen dramatic boosts in value compared to other houses in [...]

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Kirkland Market Trends

Below is the very Popular Kirkland Market Trends Article by Zillow. This news feed provides a large array of articles pertaining to Market Trends as well as the latest Real Estate Data and Research. Please bookmark this page as this news feed updates daily. The articles provided are most certainly entertaining as well as informational. Find [...]

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June 2016 Real Estate Market Report: No New News for Puget Sound Homebuyers

As sales reached a record breaking speed in May, home-buyers were left with the same old song and dance: inventory levels down, home prices up. “Low inventory coupled with the huge number of buyers has our market moving at a record pace,” said former MLS Board Member Ken Anderson. “Well-priced homes are selling in an [...]

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2016 Quarter 1 Market Report: Bidding Wars are Back

A myriad of buyers left with virtually nothing left to purchase is one way to sum up the market situation today. Although the market is most challenging for buyers, many sellers are also facing difficulties. Some refuse to list their house on the market out of fear that they won’t find another home to live [...]

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Moving Forward and Looking Back: 2015 Market Summary and Predictions for 2016

In 2016, we have seemingly stepped off the decade-long roller coaster ride of a housing market. On a national level, home prices rose 4% in 2015 after a 6.4% increase in 2014. Although most parts of the U.S. are still regaining lost ground from the 2007 market crash, Seattle remains relatively unaffected. Taking a closer [...]

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Top 10 Best Markets for Real Estate in the US

In some parts of the country, people have no trouble selling their homes. However, this has gradually become a rarity in twenty-first century America. Because of the rise in the economy again many different parts of the country have begun to expand their real estate markets once again. Here is a look at the [...]

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Top 10 Cities in the US for Real Estate Investment

10. ST. LOUIS, MO. Prices are still falling in St. Louis. And its rental market is softer than the rest of the country. But with a median list price of $159,000 in February, houses can still be bought at bargain prices. This market is recommended for long-term investors interested in a conservative market that will [...]

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10 Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Live In

Dreaming about where you want to live when retired? Well, first check out these stats on the most expensive U.S. cities to live in! 10. Los Angeles, CA Cost of Living: 30.8% above average City Population: 3,819, 702 Median Household Income: $52,762 Median Home Value: $186,200 9. San Diego, CA Cost of Living: 31.9% above average City Population: 1, 326, 179 [...]

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