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Seattle Home Prices Increasing

Once more, and as expected, Seattle home prices increased towards the end of 2019, perhaps signaling that assumptions from local real estate analysts that the leveling we saw around September was a "new normal" were incorrect. To be fair, those analysts shouldn't be derided for those assumptions; nationally we were seeing a slow down, [...]

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How A Broker Evaluates Deals: Joe Fairless Podcast

Co-founder of Heaton Dainard, James Dainard, was recently featured on The Best Ever Show, a podcast with host Joe Fairless. On the show, James and Joe discuss how to evaluate the profitability of a deal, some strategies on how to navigate permit and construction issues, and James details some personal experiences he has had [...]

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Market Update: January 2020

The market update data from the NWMLS for performance in the real estate market for the month of December is in, and the data is proving some of our earlier predictions to be coming true. Those pending sales that we've been talking about since this past October are now impacting the Greater Seattle housing [...]

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Now is the Time to Buy and Hold

It's no secret that the housing market in Washington, and in the Greater Seattle area to be specific, is one of the hottest markets in the country. With inventory in November dropping to 1.58 months and pending sales on the rise, supply looks to remain low for the foreseeable future. But does that mean [...]

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Seattle Home Prices Increasing Slower Than Nation

Home prices continue to rise on a year-over-year basis for the second month in a row. We saw prices rise 1.7% compared to the same month last year . . . what's new, right? Well, what's new is that the Seattle metro growth is in fact significantly lagging behind home prices growth in the [...]

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Market Update: November 2019

Low inventory. That’s the takeaway from the latest statistics released by the NWMLS, and it’s something that we should look at as an indicator for the future of the Puget Sound market. Inventory seemingly cannot keep up with the influx of new residents as the region continues its economic expansion thanks largely in part [...]

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Market Update: October 2019

We’re headlong into the autumn season, and with the dropping of temperatures, inventory has dropped as expected; however, we saw some very interesting trends in September that have speculators scratching their heads a bit.  What generally tends to be a period of easing in the market turned out to be more of a rollercoaster [...]

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Flip of The Month: Woodinville Modern Farmhouse

Not all investments go as planned, which was the exact case with one of our investor's properties in Woodinville, WA. There were quite a few bumps in the road, but they were able to adapt the renovation plan and budget to accommodate unexpected issues, and ultimately make a profit. Original Plan: From the outset, this [...]

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Featured Property of the Week: Ballard Life

2230 NW 59th St. #406, SEATTLE | MLS 1434541 | $639,950 This week we’re back with another featured property, a property that will provide its future owner with a true Seattle-living experience in the sought-after neighborhood of Ballard. Click here for the full listing>> Click here for all of our active listings>> Located in [...]

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Is This the Best Week to Buy a House?

As we are now officially in the fall season, the temperatures are cooling, and the perception is that the real estate market will be cooling as well. While it is true that as the summer months come to an end, and as the school year gets into full swing, unsold inventory tends to come [...]

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