Seven Home Preparations for August

1. Weatherstripping and/or caulk. If your windows or doors are drafty, you’ll really start to feel it when the cold weather hits in a few months! Buy some new weatherstripping or caulk and apply it to your windows and doors now. 2. Furnace filters. Be honest—when was the last time you replaced your furnace filter? If you can’t remember (or didn’t [...]

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Lawn Care 101: Keep it Green

1. Feed your lawn. Think of fall fertilization as refueling and replenishing your lawn after a long, hot summer. Fall fertilization will help maintain your lawn’s root health and replenish nutrients that were expended in summer months. Fall feedings should be timed when plants are still absorbing nutrients, so don’t wait too long. Depending on your region, [...]

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Summer 2014 Garden Tips

1) Plan in advance Plan your garden to ensure success. Decide what you’d like to grow. How much space can you devote to the project? How much time are you willing to spend? Answering these questions will help you to determine your priorities. For those with small spaces (or small ambitions), a container garden is an excellent [...]

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