Top 10 Best Markets for Real Estate in the US

In some parts of the country, people have no trouble selling their homes. However, this has gradually become a rarity in twenty-first century America. Because of the rise in the economy again many different parts of the country have begun to expand their real estate markets once again. Here is a look at the [...]

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Top 10 Cities in the US for Real Estate Investment

10. ST. LOUIS, MO. Prices are still falling in St. Louis. And its rental market is softer than the rest of the country. But with a median list price of $159,000 in February, houses can still be bought at bargain prices. This market is recommended for long-term investors interested in a conservative market that will [...]

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5 Outdoor Patio & Backyard Design Ideas

Stylish outdoor home decorating color schemes and patio ideas help turn backyards into beautiful retreats. Here are five outdoor home decorating color schemes and patio ideas inspired by natural landscapes, exotic fruits and elegant classic style. CARIBBEAN BEACH The Caribbean Beach patio ideas bring bright sky-blue and rich blue color [...]

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