2019 Design Trends: Wood Vanities

As we delve into the design trends of 2019, we’re seeing a resurgence of colors and textures with an emphasis on style elements that add dimension to a room. In 2018 wood vanities were catching steam, but 2019 is bringing about a new movement for repurposed wood and highlighting natural elements of building materials. EMBRACE [...]

2019 Design Trends: Tuxedo Kitchens

One of the largest shifts in design for 2019 comes in the form of kitchen palettes.  The classic all-white kitchen is starting to shift now to a drastically contrasting black and white “tuxedo” kitchen.  The new wave of color brings a dynamic element to the kitchen and highlights aspects of the design that can get [...]

2019 Design Trends: Rethinking The Open Floor Plan

As we begin to turn the corner on the first quarter of 2019, design trends are evolving from projections, into reality.   The days of all-white kitchens and light open airy interiors are starting to fade into the past with trends beginning to shift in the opposite direction. One of the more stylistic and creative adaptations [...]

Drab to Fab: Jones Avenue Part Two

Last week we posted our latest video tracking our progress at Jones Avenue in Ballard.  Just to recap; in our introductory episode, we had just removed over $10,000 worth of trash from the house. Once we got some of the stuff out of the way, we were able to take a better look at the layout and [...]

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Drab to Fab: Introducing Jones Avenue!

We’re launching a new Drab to Fab series where we’ll take you through an entire restoration project from start to finish in the heart of Ballard.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram @heatondainard for our new Instagram TV channel as well as our YouTube channel for the full video installments as well as detailed blog posts and further [...]

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Tips To Insulate Your House From Noise

As the temperatures are heating up, we want to open the windows and the doors to let in as much cool air as possible.  It’s lighter later and people are out and about making more noise, a lot later than normal.  We’ve put together some simple tips to reduce the noise for a peaceful home [...]

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2018 Design Trends for a Successful Flip

nvesting in real estate can be tricky when it comes to interior design trends.  You want to find a balance between modern and timeless. Sometimes trends come full circle, but home buyers don’t have 40 years to wait for their popcorn ceilings and shag carpets to make a comeback.  Follow our tips below for making your [...]

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Color your Yard, Spring and Summer Flower recs to give your house a Facelift!

If your house is looking a bit drab and a remodel isn’t in the budget, give your yard a few new accessories for a wallet-friendly spruce up. Nothing brightens the day like a little bit of color, especially after those long dark winter months. Check out our article below for some of our favorite and [...]

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