How to Prep Your Investment Property for Listing

With inventory low and the real estate market hot, buyers are eager for a quick sale in order to close on the home they want. We spoke with our listing team for some tips and tricks that they recommend to clients who are getting ready to list their investment properties and below are some of [...]

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Purchasing at Auction: A Risk that’s Worth the Reward

As inventory continues to deplete, investors are searching for opportunities in other avenues. Recently, it has become increasingly more common for investors to pursue their next deal at the foreclosure auction. While many investors accept this new acquisition source, others remain skeptical. Our auction division, Heaton Dainard Foreclosures, is asked the following questions regularly: What [...]

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Deal Killers

“What are some ‘deal killers’?” – Margot of Kirkland, WA For me, power lines, I won’t buy properties directly on power lines or directly on freeways. I feel they’re very hard to sell and it’s very difficult to determine what the price is on these types of properties. Additionally, properties with persistent water issues (high [...]

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Pricing Your Investment Property

“I’m looking to rent out my investment property but I’m not sure how to price it. What aspects are usually involved when deciding rental rates?” – Jose of Woodinville, WA Rental rates are very market and neighborhood specific, but also depend on: bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, the type of property, parking, and if it has [...]

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Short Sales

“What is a short sale?” – Jenny of Issaquah, WA A short sale is a type of sale where the homeowner has fallen behind on their mortgage and is facing foreclosure. Rather than taking a full foreclosure on the homeowner’s credit score if the lender approves, the current owner can sell the home for less [...]

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Real Estate Auctions: Pros and Cons

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying real estate at auction?” – Robert of Seattle, WA Buying real estate at auctions can be tricky but also rewarding. One of the advantages to buying homes at auction is the price. Depending on the minimum bid and the demand for the property (other bidders), auctions enable [...]

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